About our Agency

Our vision

Think ADesign Group was formed by a small group of graphic design, web design and marketing graduates from the Manchester Metropolitan and Salford Universities. We were drawn together by following our client’s requests to have all their design and marketing projects carried out in one destination. We thought our collective skills and creative minds would bring fresh ideas to the adverting industry. After our graduations and acquiring valuable work experience, we decided to start our own design company. Our desire for creation and design solutions has continued and evolved ever since.

Our vision.

Innovation is in our DNA, we are passionate about creating new ideas for the market. Most importantly, we stay focused on providing the customer with the best practical solution. We also a strong believer in the inclusivity of neurodiverty in tech as featured in Forbes.

We provide the best small business solutions

These solutions fall through when managing our client’s design, website and other online marketing input and we ensure a return on investment is reached.

This fresh, modern practice keeps us ahead of the curve as the digital and business worlds are constantly evolving.

We love art of creation

We specialise in designing professional projects large or small. Our approach is simple, but very effective by helping companies design for branding and marketing purposes. We are here to help you succeed by ensuring our clients continue consistency in how they establish their brand and visual communication to their clientele/stakeholders.


We believe in ‘Quality’ value for money. Budget services should never mean the quality should suffer! We pride ourselves in delivering unique but practical solutions at competitive prices, without compromising your project objectives in the process.


We know our core strengths; perfected from experience in delivering quality projects. Our primary goal is to continue offering professional digital marketing solutions using an in house, stress-free approach. Our current drive is to show businesses the way to become successful using modern design and technology.


Customer satisfaction is what keeps us motivated; which is why 9 out of 10 clients will recommend us to others as we give every project we undertake full attention to details. This results in an exceptionally high-quality finish that we can both be proud of. Quality customer service sets a great business apart from the rest.

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