Social Media Marketing

An effective social media marketing strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

TAD360 is a full-service SEO agency. Our social media experts will work with you to establish your business objectives, identify your target audience, create attractive and consistent content for posting, finally integrate your social media with all existing facets of your online presence.

Our team can tailor a Social Media Marketing strategy specifically for your brand and your audience. Once launched, we’ll support and manage your social platforms, content planning and creation, blogger outreach and video distribution. If you wish to delve further, our team can also identify many more services that aim to attract new customers and increase your profitability.

Our social media services create possibilities to further connect and share information, which lead to an increase in your brand’s awareness. The results of social media advertising are reflected in the number of current and prospective customers’ engagement and activity with your online content.



Brand Monitoring

As brand builders, TAD360 can help you observe and track the reputation of your business. By discovering how people perceive your brand through channels online and in other forms of media, you can take control of your brand and steer your business into the lane of success.



Social Media Contests

Consistent content on major social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.) can increase your traffic in a short period of time. Our experts can help you tailor and define the most suitable type of content and platforms for your brand.




Social Media Management

Don’t have much time or manpower to stay relevant online? Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts on behalf of your business and build active relationships with your audience.



Setup & Custom Profile Design

Want to remain visually consistent throughout your website and social media? We will create and customise your brand’s social media profiles with quality content and designs that echo throughout your brand presence, building a strong visual connection with your audience.

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