The Manchester Carnival

The Manchester Carnival

It was exciting designing for the Manchester carnival last summer.


The Manchester City Council and The Manchester Caribbean Carnival approached Think ADesign for a summer campaign to promote a yearly 2 days event that attracts thousands of visitors and major sponsors, including Red Bull. After few years of not having this event in the park known to fans who look forward to this event every year, in 2015 after millions of £ refurbishment, the Manchester Caribbean Carnival finally returned to its ‘spiritual home’ in Alexandra Park read more.

Think ADesign partnered with The Manchester City Council to design artwork over 20 digital screens across Manchester; including this screen on Market St Arndale shopping centre.
The aim is to deliver an integrated digital & print marketing strategy with a focus to increase quality visitors / fans.

The Manchester City Council also stressed a resident opposite the screen on Market St Arndale shopping centre do not like artworks with a lot of white background as this causes bright light penetrating through their window. This could result in a complaint so our team had to be sure we do everything we could to prevent any complications.


Think ADesign created a complete marketing strategy including some printed artwork for Manchester City Council publications, page development, research and social.
We conducted general research in the public event industry to compile a full list of quality information such as the demography and lifestyle of the intended audience.
Our digital marketing team worked closely with The Manchester City Council throughout the process to ensure design techniques were implemented within digital screens and it is consistent with the event website and the fans journey was improved.
We also visited the resident opposite the screen on Market St Arndale shopping centre to obtain a signed and dated document to confirm she is satisfied with our artwork.

The Results

Both companies were impressed with the outcome Think ADesign produced and with a 27% increase in visitors this year they are looking forward to working with us again in 2016.

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