Are you investing in SEO gamblers?

are you investing in seo gamblers

Are you investing in SEO gamblers?

Are you investing in Search Engine Optimisation gamblers?

Investing in a beautifully made website without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plans in 2016 is like buying a car without the wheels. Let’s see if you can drive your lovely new car out of the showroom, don’t worry I will wait!

The internet has broken the barriers giving businesses of all sizes, large or small the same privilege to walk the walk if they are taking the right SEO steps.

More business owners are continually finding themselves making decisions on their company’s online presence, they are also aware that being on top of search results over their competitors is just as important.

This is why there is an increase in hiring SEO freelancers or agencies by successful businesses.

Since most businesses base their budget off Return On Investment (ROI), this article will discuss the differences between SEO strategies which can be divided into two types:

SEO gamblers who gamble with Google using their client’s budget and those who genuinely invest in your company.

This article will also shed some light on basic organic SEO practises that can get your website ranking started; without breaking the bank or getting penalised by Google or other search engines.

Gambling With Google

In the United Kingdom where casinos and betting shops are everywhere, I remember seeing youths betting their friends and acquaintances money with the thrill from previous won bets. They believed that they knew how to outsmart the casinos to win big, and often times they lost. It doesn’t end there; they demanded more money from the desperate to get ROI until they eventually lost all of the money.

Sadly, these kinds of people are in the SEO industry who keep gambling with their client’s investment by trying to outsmart or trick Google’s ranking algorithms to get on top of search result pages. Gone were those days when the gambling strategies worked effectively, here are a few examples of SEO gambling with Google:

Unfortunately, too many business owners invest so much capital in the hands of SEO amateurs with the hope of getting a profitable ROI from their website.

Just because an individual read “SEO for dummies” and visited Google webinars/seminars doesn’t make them an SEO specialist, which is why most people who utilise such services find themselves using the services of an SEO gambler.

This isn’t only applicable to SEO amateur’s but also to the SEO experts who would rather try to outsmart Google’s algorithm. No matter how smart your SEO techniques or strategies are, Google will eventually catch up on those tricks and penalties to your website could be inevitable if done incorrectly.

The outcome of using an SEO Gambler’s tactics is not limited to

Forever racing to not get caught

SEO Gamblers Awareness


You know the casino saying ‘the house always wins’, well the same applies to Google. This is simply because Google employs thousands of highly intelligent individuals who specialise in many core roles within Google. These individuals are undergoing continuous studies at PhD level in respectable higher education institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and other respected institutions around the world. Google also invests heavily in innovative technologies with the ultimate goal to maintain a fair playing field for all.


Ghost Mode

If any SEO specialist tells you they can get you ranked number 1 on Google’s search results, our advice: run a mile away while you still have the chance. False SEO specialists usually promise you the moon such as expecting a high volume of traffic to your business website in 48 hours from signing up, more online reviews plus other exciting objectives.

Take for example; an average of your products or services is worth £299. You invest £500 per month to get 500 daily visitors to your business website as a result of SEO lead generation. Your business converts only 0.8% of those visitors into sales per month. In addition to this, you also receive multiple reviews in a week from people that never did business with you or your company.

Shortly after you stop using the services of an SEO gambler, your website no longer receives a high volume of traffic, simply because your website is just yet another URL listed along with thousands of websites. Thanks to the SEO gambler, your website is probably being used by online affiliate marketers to generate partial income, e.g. for every 10 websites they click daily they earn £2-5 with no intention of buying goods or services from you. Your website could also be linked to websites deemed non-trustworthy to most search engines and as a result, these links are not doing your website’s integrity any justice.


Risk losing it all

Let us enlighten you from a collective 18 years’ experience within our team; one major thing we know is that search engine giants carry out their own in-house statistics about businesses in every category, industry and size. Trust us when we say search engines know when your website is bluffing.

Search engine algorithms pick up that your website is trying to outsmart the system and as a result, your website will be penalised for this non-organic practise. These penalties could be very difficult to recover from no matter how innocent it may seem.

It is not your fault; rather the fault of the gambler, but the judgement is final and your website along with your investment will suffer.

You can imagine the number of times a company like Think ADesign rescues clients from these unprofessional acts after false SEO experts have extorted them. It doesn’t have to begin that way, which is why this article is here to create awareness so you or your website does not fall victim to destructive SEO practices.

The good news for those who are unfamiliar with where to start with creating an online presence or want the best practice for your business website, “5 SEO Checklists That Can Grow Your Website In 2016” is now available on this website (click banner below):

Our team is ready to review your website’s SEO aspects and provide some tips to help you reduce your website loading times by half, increase traffic, drive leads and maximise revenue.

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